The Why

Travel. Food. These are the things that move us. Since we were wee toddlers, our team has been extremely passionate about immersing ourselves in wonderful places and tastes. From the first place we visited to the last taste, we strive to understand and experiences cultures as they are, rather than as we’d like them to be. Though the story of why we came together in pursuit of this magazine is something of lore.

It was a warm sunny Tuesday morning, our favorite day of course. Before we were a full team, we were all employees at the same company, eZ Systems. We all started at the company at different times, but became the best of friends. Needless to say, most of our conversations revolved around our travels, both to foreign lands and the foreign flavors we’ve had.

These transient moments of connection are what propel us to explore. We strive to live for these fleeting moments. They are passionate, loving, and curiosity-inducing. It stirs the soul and warms the heart.

This is what we hoped for Tasteful Planet. We hope to be a source of inspiration for you all and for you to inspire us in return!

The How

As we mentioned earlier, before we created Tasteful Planet, our team were all staff members at a great software company called eZ Systems.

As passionate as we were about the CMS space, we were a tad bit more interested in exploring the real world. Like other entrepreneurs, we decided to band together and start this blog as a side-project. Initially, our site had close to 40 visitors. Now, 35 of those visits were from our own team, with 5 being from friends and family.

It’s been quite a journey to see our tiny little magazine scale to now having a mailing list of close to 400,000 readers. We are incredibly humbled to know that our nearly 1.5 million website visitors choose to engage with our magazine out of all the other wonderful travel mags out there.

Though we’ve scaled quite fast and quite quickly over the past 5 years, have no fear; we won’t lose our core values. Our prime prerogative is to explore, experience, and digest. We live to share these experiences with you all, and in return, are inspired by the amazing journeys that you guys, our readers, take on your own.

So here’s to the journey, my friends. We’ll see you when we see you.