Where we get our best writing done

Yura Rajzer - Content Marketing Editor

The number of possible work places in New York is truly astounding. There are a lot of places within walking distance of the Tasteful Planet on Bedford Avenue, in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Cafes are obviously a great place to get work done as you get surrounded by creative people and stimulating beverages, coffee and tea. And in Brooklyn, folks take their cafes seriously. It’s not at all unusual to see some well-dressed people slumping over their Macbooks (and occasional Dell) technically, they’re on the clock.

By collective agreement, our office’s favorite café is City of Saints three blocks away on Meserole. Further south on Bogart street you have Swallow Café on Bogart street, which has a lot of seating available and because it doesn’t close until 9pm on the weekdays, is welcoming to the late night worker.

Other great ones include Gimme Coffee! On Powers Street and Variety on Graham Avenue and Conselyea Street. Both have superb espresso drinks and plain old coffee, super nice baristas, and plenty of seating.

If you want to be closer to the water and see the spectacular skyline of Manhattan, visit Blue Bottle Coffee on Barry Street and Bedford Avenue. This is the first New York location of the Oakland-based roastery. It’s gargantuan— 2,100 square feet of espresso goodness. And if that coffee playground doesn’t impress you, check out Devoción on 69 Grand St. This Colombian-based coffee joint Fed-Exs coffee from Columbia the night before, often 10 days after being picked. It should delight coffee snobs from around the world.

While there are thousands of places to get work done, the best one may be (not so surprisingly) home.